Monday, December 13, 2010

chapter 11

In chapter 11 of "Walking with Wolf" wolf mostly talks about his family and what was going on in the time that he was working at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. In this chapter it also talks about how wolf is not at home a lot. I feel like he kind of neglected his family and only cared about the reserve. I also feel like he was really selfish and could have helped with his family a little bit more then he did. In the middle of the chapter it talked a little bit about how lucky was having medical issues such as she was hemorrhaging and needed help. Lucky’s children ended up helping her more then wolf. To be fair Wolf did have is own problems as well but not as bad as Lucky's. Wolfs two youngest children kind of felt like there dad was not around enough and they are right he was not there for the youngest as much as he was for the older kids. In other books all the main character is recognized for is the good things they do or the good things that happen to them. That makes it sound fake when it sounds like they do nothing bad and bad things don’t happen to them because in reality bad things happen all the time to everybody and that’s what make people the person they are. But it also all depends on how you handle what is happening. yes wolf had some bad times and yes I am not so happy with them but in reality he’s just a person that is going to mess up now and again and he handled what was happening the best way he could.

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