Friday, January 7, 2011

Passport and planning

I am very excited to say that over Christmas vacation I got my passport! The trip is getting close and as it gets closer I get more excited but I also get a little nervous as well. Our class has recently started to plan out what we are going to do wile in Costa Rica and when we are going to do it. We are planning on leaving on April 6th and coming back around the 16th.

While in Costa Rica we are planning to stay in Monteverde for about 6 days and then leave to go to the coast for a few days. I am most excited to go to the coast because I love the beach. I would love to be able to go on a nice boat. Some of my peers in the class would really like to go Scuba diving so I was thinking maybe that could tie into the boat ride.
We are getting closer to our trip but we are still a little bit short on the money. We currently have $13,500 and we are looking to get about $15,000. If you would like to donate to us please contact our website or send a check to 35 Sherburne Road Portsmouth NH 03801. Please have checks made out to Lister Academy Costa Rica Class.

thanks for taking time to read this please keep checking for more. I will be updating a lot!

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