Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Introducing Me!

My name is Hailey. I started this class a quarter late because I was very worried being new to this school if I could maintain the grades as well as be in Color Guard in the Fall. It took up an extreme amount of my time with all of the rehearsals, games (we preformed at), and competitions! When I got my report card and saw how well I did and Color Guard ended Bryan Mascio (my teacher) asked me if I had any interest in joining the Costa Rica class! After talking to my mom and debating the pros and cons (there really was no cons) my response was yes. Since then, this class has been very fun and also challenging as well. We rake a lot and build relationships with each other that most of the time are good, but we have slight slip ups but that's to be expected. Please check in to my blog later as I will keep updating it as we approach the time of the trip. Thanks

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