Sunday, April 10, 2011

We Have Arrived

We have arrived in Costa Rica and it has been a life changing experience already. We have been in Monteverde for 5 days now and have done things that I never would have done otherwise. When we got off the plane in San Jose it was the most amazing sight I have ever seen. Palm trees were swinging, people where speaking (in Spanish of course), and the air was blowing hot but nice air. Four hours later we got to the top of the mountain, by bus. We saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The sky was pink, orange, and bright blue. The sun was half way below the horizon.

We got to our destination and were amazed by it. It was big with five pillars, two amazingly big windows, a wooden door with windows on each side, six plants in what looks like dog-like pots. Hanging off the roof on the side of the house were three plants. Our hostess, Reina, and her beautiful daughter, Nacy, greeted us at the door with big smiles. They led us to our cabin and it looked like a small yellow house – almost identical to hers. We went in and almost all the girls fell asleep within three hours. The rest of the group ended up going grocery shopping. The rest of the group came back and went to sleep, so overall the first day went well.

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  1. Hailey,

    Just today in the Graphics Design class Gina showed me the most beautiful sunset I think I ever saw, and it was a picture from Costa Rica!!

    I am glad you all arrived safely, (not that I had any doubts,) but traveling can be stressful. Take care of your self and each other. Enjoy the true benefits of your hard work.


    Ellen G